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temporary workers sitting in line at a staffing agency for an interview

Win Big with Temporary Staffing: Reasons to Use Temporary Staffing

Posted On05/13/2019

ContributorKaila Prins

by Catherine Tansey

If the first thing you think of are secretarial tasks when you hear the term temp work – you are not alone. While plenty of administrative roles are filled through staffing services, firms like Nelson have expanded far beyond this narrow niche, with specializations in technical disciplines, light industrial services, finance and accounting staff and providing temporary and direct-hire staff in all three categories. Whatever the role, a temporary staffing agency is one of the best ways to close the current talent shortage and widen the skill sets in your organization.

Whether you need extra help for a big project, additional staff for your busiest time of the year, or people to fill unexpected openings, working with staffing companies can help your business keep costs low, find specialized help, and get an extra set of hands — fast. Find out here the many reasons to work with a staffing agency and utilize their temporary staffing services.

What are the Benefits of Temporary Staffing?

Improve the Productivity of Full-Timers

While there are plenty of people who work well under pressure, rarely is top-performing work completed by employees who are completely swamped or overwhelmed. Using a temp staffing agency can help improve the productivity of full-time employees by freeing up some of their time. Full-time employees can become overworked and productivity decreases. Using a temp staffing agency can help minimize work overloads and reduce burnouts for full-time employees. By re-allocating the low-hanging fruit or administrative work elsewhere, permanent staff can concentrate on the specialized work only they can do and focus more on their main job and maintain productivity.

Capitalize on Flexibility

Staffing agencies are designed to get you the help you need quickly. Using a temp staffing agency can help reduce the stress of full-time employee commitment and save time and money. Deploying temporary staff can help with immediate temporary staffing needs and also fill long-term job roles when required. Where temporary workers may lack in institutional know-how, they make up for in flexibility. For business owners or hiring managers facing unforeseen situations such as employee emergencies or large incoming orders, temporary staffing services can help fill in the holes while employers find a more permanent solution. This gives employers the ability to make sure the temporary staff meets all required skills before bringing them on board as a full-time employee.

Fill Your Talent Pipeline

Temporary workers are an excellent way to “try before you buy.” With staffing agencies, you as an employer have the chance to consider an individual’s work ethic on a temporary basis. This gives employers a glimpse into the often-unknowable aspects of the hiring process, such as culture fit, work ethic, and attitude before beginning the hiring process. Consider keeping superstar temp workers at the top of mind when contract work or full-time positions become available. With using the “try before you buy,” you can ensure the temporary staff will be a great fit for your company several months before a permanent position becomes available.

Lower Payroll Costs

According to the U.S Department of Labor, the average cost for a direct employee is approximately $60,000. This total includes the employee’s wages, benefits, and taxes. This amount does not include the costs of recruiting, screening, advertising, and any other hidden costs. Instead, with a staffing agency, you will pay a predetermined amount that will fit into your budget. Staffing agencies will often cover the taxes and fees that are needed for workers’ compensation coverage, unemployment, and payroll taxes. A staffing agency employs temporary workers so they are not employed through your organization, and you are not responsible for benefits, paid time off, sick time, or unemployment. This can help keep your payroll overhead down while also filling the personnel and skill gaps in the office.

Increase Morale

Diminished employee morale is a difficult situation for employers to handle. This lack of confidence or belief in your institution’s mission can spread quickly through the workforce and is often due to a lack of resources and subsequently burned-out staff. Bringing in temporary workers helps boost morale by reducing the workload of permanent staff and sending a reassuring message that you see their struggles and are there to help.

Access Specialized Skills

Staffing agencies employ all sorts of individuals. If your business finds itself in need of highly technical work that no one on your payroll is equipped to handle, consider temporary work through a temporary staffing agency like Nelson. Work with them to seek out specialized skills like data analytics, supply chain management, and more. Temporary workers can help you bridge the gap until you find a more permanent solution without compromising the well-being of your business.

Avoid Unemployment Claims

Since a temporary staff is not considered an employee of the company but instead is an employee of the temporary staffing agency, business owners have no reason to worry about unemployment when the temporary staff is let go from their duties. Eliminating the need to pay for unemployment can reduce costs that might otherwise be associated with hiring temporary staff. Keep in mind that HR costs can also decline because there will not be hours spent handling unemployment claims with the U.S. Department of Labor.

Whether seeking specialized help or solving for a lack of human capital needs,hiring temp employees is a time-tested way to get the help you need quickly. If you do not want the hassle of hiring and onboarding or worrying about background checks or payroll taxes, you can leave the hiring decisions in our hands. Nelson has been matching talented job seekers with opportunities for 50 years. Learn more about how we can help you hire temporary employees today.