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Why You Should Include Text Recruitment in Your Outreach Strategy

Posted On10/28/2019

ContributorKaila Prins

By Rebecca Ferlotti 

Cell phones are ubiquitous, so it’s no wonder HR departments are expanding their tactics to include text recruitment. A quick text to job candidates allows for increased productivity rather than typing out lengthy emails. Plus, texting prompts immediate responses: over 90% of people read texts within three minutes of receiving them.

With companies already seeing higher response rates for text recruitment as compared to phone calls and emails, recruiters have the ability – through texting – to make candidates feel more comfortable from the initial touch-point.

Texting is how many people prefer to communicate.

Millennials became the largest generation in the workforce back in 2016. Although Gen Y uses all forms of communication, texts signal immediacy, whereas phone calls can make people anxious (candidates need to respond in an eloquent way instantaneously), and emails are perceived as a less urgent form of communication.

Gen Z shares Millennials’ desire for quick messages versus longer emails. And as these generations continue to grow in the workplace, it’s important for HR departments to incorporate strategies like text recruitment to keep potential team members interested and engaged.

By texting candidates, you can increase productivity.

You can send a text from anywhere and at any time. Text messages are succinct, whereas emails require more thought and effort to customize. The entire recruitment process is shortened by one efficiency.

Time is of the essence when you reach out to your ideal candidate(s). You want them to accept interviews and job offers; sending a text message they will see and respond to immediately gives you an advantage over the competition.

The amount of time you save from texting rather than phone calls or emails can free up your  time to schedule performance reviews, organize the office, or even plan parties. Since your messages need to be concise to catch people’s attention – about 160 characters if you can – there isn’t enough space to ramble. You can save those discussions for interviews and orientations.

When you’re writing text messages to recruit potential employees, remember to:

  • – Ask permission to text them when they apply for jobs at your company.
  • – Introduce yourself so they know the text isn’t from a stranger.
  • – Tell them the name of your company and the name of the position.
  • – Explain any mutual connections.
  • – Add a personal touch so it doesn’t look copied and pasted.
  • – Tell them the next step should they want to pursue a career opportunity.


Text recruitment is effective across industries, but is especially helpful for blue collar jobs. Incorporating texting into your recruitment strategy allows people to receive and send initial information no matter where they are, whether or not they have access to a computer. When used in conjunction with in-person interviews and follow-up emails, texting may be the way your job candidates feel most comfortable communicating with you…and it might make all the difference when they are considering your job offer.