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Temporary Summer Job

Why You Should Consider a Temporary Summer Job

Posted On05/29/2019

ContributorKaila Prins

While the phrase “summer job” may conjure memories of working as a camp counselor or taking an unpaid internship as a teen, there are plenty of reasons to take a job for the summer as an adult.

While unemployment remains low, more employers are in a pinch to find talented and dedicated workers for their open seasonal roles – which makes now a great time to start looking for a temporary summer job.

Who Can Benefit from a Summer Job?  

Temporary summer jobs can benefit a large number of people. For example, educators and administrators who work during the academic year can’t commit to full time roles with no definitive end-point; however, a temporary summer job can help supplement income, without requiring an awkward conversation about end dates and notice.

If you’re a job seeker, a temporary summer job can help supplement income while also filling gaps on a resume. A temp job while job seeking can also help you develop skills to prepare for a transition into a new role or augment skills for a role similar to the one you recently left.

Seasonal work can also augment your income if you already have a job, whether part-time or full. With the rising cost of living, regardless of your role or industry, a seasonal summer job can help you provide for your family, pay off debts, or save up for a life milestone or vacation.

Where Should I Look for a Summer Job?

Yes, there’s more to summer jobs than serving ice cream at the boardwalk or teaching little ones to swim. Many employers across industries are hiring to cover roles from the warehouse to the cubicle.

When deciding where to apply for a temporary job, consider the following factors:

  1. What kind of time commitment can I handle right now?
  2. How much of my projected income do I need to supplement?
  3. What skills am I trying to nurture?

Time Commitment

Are you looking for a part-time job to supplement your current job? Are you a job seeker who needs to spend several hours a day working on the full-time job search, but can spare 10-20 hours per week? Are you in need of a full-time gig in between graduation and the start of school? Do you want to have flexibility for child care? Will you need extensive time off for pre-planned vacations?

Make sure you can clearly answer these questions. Knowing how much time you have to offer an employer will not only help you narrow in on ideal roles, but it will also help you communicate to a staffing firm or in-house recruiter as you work your way toward landing the right role for you.


While temporary jobs do not typically come with salaries, knowing how much income you will need to make can help you home in on the right jobs to which to apply.

Some people like to use the “spray-and-pray” method of job searching, which often results in poor matches and lots of wasted time and effort. By being honest with yourself about what kinds of roles you’ll be willing to accept, you will be able to build a much more targeted list – and have more productive conversations with recruiters.


Are you using your summer to fill a gap in your resume? Are you trying to transition into a new role? Are you hoping to advance your career?

A seasonal job is a great way to try out a new skill set or reinforce your current skills. While you may not get to dive deep into career development and training in just a few short months, you will be able to work your way toward proficiency in a new role – which can make transitioning into a new industry or line of work much easier. You can also keep up with trends and skills in your current industry or at your current level while you search for a more permanent role for September and beyond.

How Do I Find a Seasonal Job?

While job boards are a great place to start, the closer we get to summer, the sooner you’ll need to start applying and interviewing. We recommend partnering with a staffing firm, like Nelson, which is plugged into your local business community and has deep expertise in your specific industry. Whether you’re able to take on vacation coverage in an administrative capacity or you’re hoping to find a seasonal job in retail, production, or hospitality, Nelson can help you quickly zero in on the right jobs for you.

You can check out our open roles here or connect with a Nelson branch in your area.