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Why Companies Use Staffing Agencies (and Why Yours Should Too)

Posted On02/26/2019

ContributorBrandon Eiges

At Nelson, we understand that your time and resources are valuable. The search for a new employee, no matter what the role, is not an easy journey; that journey is arduous and time consuming.

If you are hesitant about taking the first steps in working with a staffing agency to fill your open positions, take a look at these tips for why using a staffing agency is extremely valuable to your company:

You Are Struggling to Find Talent

Nothing is more stressful than being pressed for time and having your search for talent come up empty. By letting a staffing agency take over your hiring needs, their expertise in diverse fields and top-notch sourcing abilities (and already deep network of talented individuals) can expedite the process of finding a candidate who is qualified to join your company.

One advantage of using staffing agencies is that they aren’t just searching through the job boards, but creatively finding qualified candidates interested in making a career transition to your company.

You Don’t Have the Time to Find Talent

Every day when you walk into your office, you have important tasks that need your full attention. Allowing a staffing agency to help with your search allows your schedule to open up and not worry about the hiring process.

It’s Financially Prudent

Long term, if your company continues to hire poor candidates, that will come out of your pocket and reflect poorly on your company. Hiring a staffing agency can actually save you money over time. According to, an overwhelming majority of business owners believe that hiring a staffing agency is too expensive for their hiring needs.

However, when it comes to investing time and finances into the training of a candidate to get ready for your position, staffing agencies can reduce cost and turnover in your organization. You will also need to start paying the candidate for their time on the clock during their training; if that person turns out to be a bad hire, costs end up being even higher.

Access to Exclusive Opportunities

In working with innovative startups to Fortune 100 companies, Nelson’s experienced recruiters can give your company insider access into candidates not just found on job boards.

Not every staffing agency has the ability to send you top candidates, but Nelson has a track-record of providing amazing service and placing amazing candidates to the top-companies in the nation. Your company can very well be next.

Proper Background Checks, Rigorous Training, and Interviews

Your time is extremely valuable, and when it comes to juggling day-to-day operations with hiring, you often have to make sacrifices. However, staffing agencies help you manage your priorities so no corners get cut. For example, staffing agencies can deliver background checks that resumes and in-person interviews can’t provide.

Staffing agencies will also interview candidates before they interview with you. They act as a barrier between you and the candidate to make sure that they are quality candidates worthy of a role on your team.

At Nelson, our interview process is designed to be stress-free, to allow candidates to present their skills and experience in the best light possible. We use patterned-interviewing techniques to make sure they’ll be successful in our company partners’ working environment, and we verify that they understand the company culture, role responsibilities, and working environment. Interviews may be conducted via phone or on-site at Nelson, depending on the role.

A Proven Track Record

Nelson works with organizations of all types and sizes across all industries, from established Fortune 100 companies to government and non-profit organizations to the most agile start-ups, to offer our partners the opportunity to find quality candidates beyond those applying through job boards.

Nelson has been matching job seekers with opportunities for more than 45 years, building an unparalleled network that we tirelessly leverage to help your company find its next elite employee.

When it comes to determining whether or not hiring a staffing agency to assist in your hiring needs, know that: We get careers. We get business. We get work. Want to work with us? Get in touch.