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What You Need to Know About Using Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

Posted On10/21/2019

ContributorSheri Pepper

By Catherine Tansey

Running an on-brand Instagram account isn’t only about attracting new clients or building rapport with users. Instagram is now integral to social media recruiting, which has become a major initiative of forward-facing HR departments. Today, some 70% of employers use social media as part of their recruiting strategies. Whether tapping into your LinkedIn network to fill a position or posting a call for applications on Twitter, using social media can be one the most effective ways to connect with the talent your organization wants to land.

What is social media recruiting?

In a nutshell, social media recruiting is the practice of using social media channels to promote open positions, connect with leads, bolster company brand, and get a pulse on talent trends. Smart social media recruiting goes beyond the traditional career-focused channels like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed. A successful social strategy means taking a creative approach to recruiting on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Why should you use social media recruiting?

The short answer is that social media should be part of your recruiting mix because it’s low cost, highly effective, and increasingly the place where top candidates look for jobs. Also, because social media tools blend users’ personal and professional lives, they help talent teams reach both active and passive job seekers, gain insight into crucial candidate intangibles like personality and values, and bolster company brand.

And it’s critical to remember that with millennials and Gen Zs quickly becoming majority demographics in the workforce, social media recruiting boosts your organization’s chances of attracting these digital natives.

Top ways to incorporate social media for recruiting

  • Omni-channel approach

We know, we know; your organization already has a Facebook account. Why do we need Instagram and Twitter? you ask. Well, because different social media channels are best for different audiences and specific types of engagement. For example, you can best build a following and showcase company culture on aesthetic-focused Instagram. Lean on LinkedIn to source candidates by using its sophisticated search capabilities and filters. Reach out on Twitter to fill freelance creative jobs for writers and graphic designers.

  • Get a sense of a candidate’s personality

An individual’s social media presence is a great way to learn more about who they are. Their profile and social presence allow you to understand their interests, values, hobbies, and, to some extent, their personality. Remember, discovering disparaging comments, bullying, or other bad online behavior should always be a red flag that prompts more investigation.

  • Encourage past and current employees to share

Utilize your employee network to build a bridge between your brand and candidates. For example, the average job seeker uses 7.6 job sites in their search, and hearing both the good (and bad) from current and past employees strongly influences where they apply.

Encourage current employees to post on social media and job sites by highlighting company benefits, sharing thought-provoking content, interacting with others in the industry, and improving recruiting and acquisition for the company. By leveraging your company’s desirable culture and engaged workforce you can build a strong employer reputation online.

  • Interact with users

To maximize the benefit of social media, it’s important to stay engaged with your social network and followers by sharing relevant content, responding to likes and comments, and reaching out to industry leaders. Using online platforms to share job openings, showcase company culture, and reach passive candidates are easier feats when you’re able to generate some buzz through conversation.

Whether you’re eager to fill open positions today or build your talent pipeline for tomorrow, social media recruiting is necessary in the digital age. Learn more about effective recruiting strategies by visiting Nelson’s events page for upcoming webinars and in-person events.