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What Does a Recruiter Do?

Posted On11/17/2015

ContributorShirin Miller

The Recruiter Defined

In broad terms, a recruiter is someone who finds a candidate to fill a position at a company. Recruiters can either work for the company to which you apply, for a third party company,
(e.g. Nelson), or are self-employed.

  1. An internal recruiter is someone who works directly for a company. They are typically in the HR Department and serve as your first contact. They usually don’t make the hiring decision, but they can definitely influence the hiring manager.
  2. A third-party recruiter (sometimes called a headhunter) works for a staffing company
    (e.g. Nelson), or is self-employed. They present candidates to their clients—
    the hiring company.

Rely on your recruiter

  • When working with a recruiter, find the right one. Recruiters can specialize in temporary, temporary-to-hire, regular full-time
    (also referred to as ‘direct hire’), positions or all three.
  • Third-party recruiters can specialize in a specific industry (beverage, tech, accounting, etc.),
    or they can recruit across all job sectors.
  • Often, recruiters (including Nelson recruiters) have previous experience in working in the field for which they now recruit.
  • While some recruiters specialize in executive-level positions, many work with candidates from all levels—from entry—to C-level positions.
  • Recruiters do an informational interview with you to assess your interests, needs, background, skills, and experience. This helps them determine if you’re a good
    fit for one of their clients.
  • Before submitting your resume to a company, recruiters will check your references and work history to make sure they are honestly representing you.
  • A recruiter acts as your ally and expert guide in your job search.
  • While they are invaluable, recruiters should act as just one of many resources
    you use in your job search.

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