On July 22, Nelson hosted a complimentary webinar focused on the impact of COVID-19 on California’s economy, healthcare, and workplace ecosystems. 

With California’s economic reopening, companies are adjusting their financial, operational, and workforce strategies to align with our state’s new economic and workplace realities. As a follow-up to our April 2020 NELSONtalks, this webinar continued the conversation about COVID-19’s impact on California businesses. Nelson brought together three experts to discuss the economic, legal, and employment considerations that will influence business strategy and decision-making in our altered business environment.

Our panelists also took time at the end of their presentations to answer audience-submitted questions.

Click here to download the slides used in the NELSONtalks Webinar.

If you have a few minutes, we’d love your brief, anonymous feedback about the event so we can continue to build out our webinar program and understand which webinar topics are most valuable to you.

Panelist information

    • Dr. Robert Eyler is President of Economic Forensics and Analytics and Dean of the School of Extended and International Education and Professor of Economics at Sonoma State University.
    • Jennifer Shaw, Esq. Founder of Shaw Law Group
    • Alex Chamorro is Vice President of Executive Search at Nelson.
    • Chandra Pappas, Moderator is Executive Vice President at Nelson