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Job Growth, Elections, and Business Risk in California: An Economic Forecast for 2020

In our next NELSONtalks, Dr. Robert Eyler provides insight on recent changes and forecasts related to U.S. and California job expansion. Dr. Eyler provides a comprehensive look at the economy through the lens of job growth as a way of considering the next few years’ economic forecast.

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Webinar Recap: Aligning HR KPIs with Business Strategy: A "How To" for HR Professionals

Webinar Recap: Aligning HR KPIs with Business Strategy: A "How To" for HR Professionals

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Aligning HR KPIs with Business Strategy: A "How To" for HR Professionals

Do you know how to identify the human resources KPIs that will steer your initiatives in alignment with your company’s strategic plan? Are you confident in how to proactively set these goals and demonstrate that a strategically-minded HR department augments the organization’s culture and impacts the bottom line?

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Webinar Recap: Building a Bridge from HR to Finance: Making the Business Case

Webinar Recap: Building a Bridge from HR to Finance: Making the Business Case

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Christmas in July: How to Prepare for Holiday Staffing

Making plans for holiday staffing “early” is really “just in time!” Find out how to improve your seasonal staffing initiatives this year!

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Webinar Recap: On-Demand Talent and the Gig Economy

NELSONtalks Webinar Recap: On-Demand Talent and the Gig Economy

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The New Sexual Harassment/EEO Requirements: Are You Ready?

The #MeToo movement has done more than remake office dynamics: it’s also reshaped California employment law. Discover what your company needs to know about complying with the new EEO training law and other laws related to sexual harassment prevention in this NELSONtalks webinar with Jennifer Shaw, of Shaw Law Group.

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Be a Part of Nelson’s 2019 Workplace Trends Survey

Participate in our 2019 Workplace Trends Survey, and you’ll be first in line to receive the results when they’re released in our 2020 Advisor and Salary Guide. Request your 30-minute survey appointment now!

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90 Days Onboarding Roadmap

Nelson's 90-Day Onboarding Roadmap Whitepaper

Almost one in five employees last fewer than 90 days in a new role. Help reduce your turnover with the 90-day on-boarding checklist in this whitepaper.

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NELSONtalks webinar - 30-May-2019

Master Class: On-Demand Talent and the Gig Economy

With thousands of new entrants into the "gig economy", it's time to start considering how on-demand talent could impact and elevate YOUR company's hiring. Get the details in this NELSONtalks webinar with Sean Ring of Fulcrum.

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Nelsontalks Webinar

NELSONtalks Webinar: The Employer’s Guide to California Housing: What You Need to Know to Stay Competitive

How will the housing market affect your hiring and retention in 2019 and beyond? We dive deep into the data from the 2019 Workplace Trends Report with Dr. Robert Eyler in this NELSONtalks webinar.

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State of Work in California

California Dreaming: The State of Work in the Golden State

Because the state of California is so unique, we also require some unique employment laws. Discover the factors affecting the state of work in the Golden State in this whitepaper.

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hire power, hiring challenges, overcome challenges

How to Overcome Common Hiring Challenges

Discover how to overcome the biggest challenges to recruiting and hiring.

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hidden costs of hiring

The Hidden Costs of Hiring

Use this worksheet to learn the biggest impacts on your company’s recruiting and hiring budget.

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NELSONtalks Webinar: EnVISIONing Your Company’s Future

Has your company communicated a clear and concise vision that resonates with your workforce? Check out Nelson’s recent webinar to learn why this is important–and how to make it happen.

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Nelson Staffing - Wine and Beverage

Overview Flyer: Nelson Staffing–Beer, Wine & Beverage

Workforce management in the beer, wine, and beverage industries presents unique challenges. Learn how Nelson Staffing can help your company meet your goals.

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Controlling Turnover

Whitepaper: Slowing the Revolving Door–Controlling Turnover

Does your company have a reputation for retention? Learn how to control employee turnover in this whitepaper.

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California’s Fair Pay Act - White Paper

Whitepaper: California’s Fair Pay Act–What You Need to Know

Understand why California passed this Fair Pay Act and what steps your company needs to take to stay compliant.

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Nelson Interview Guide

Interview Guide

Be prepared for your next interview with this handy guide from Nelson.

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Customized Staffing Services

Nelson Capabilities Brochure

Learn about Nelson’s specialized teams and customized staffing services.

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