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Resources to Help Your Company Return to the Workplace

Posted On06/09/2020

ContributorSheri Pepper

Like so many in California companies, the Nelson team is moving out of shelter-in-place, preparing for the re-opening of our economy, and strategizing about returning to our business locations.

During the past several weeks, we’ve collected an abundance of information about preparing the workplace and safely bringing employees back to work. In case you are sorting through the many requirements and issues involved with re-entry, we thought it would helpful to share some of the most valuable resources we’ve discovered.

In particular, our business partner Brown & Brown Insurance has graciously made a number of their re-entry-related documents available for free download. Some of their plans and checklists are customizable, so you can adapt the text for your company. We’ve also posted CDC health safety posters in English and Spanish.

Download resources here

Additionally, Cushman & Wakefield commercial real estate firm offers excellent and detailed re-entry information. You will need to go to the C&W website and download after providing your information. A few standout publications include:

Recovery Readiness: A How-To Guide for Reopening Your Workplace

Retail Readiness Essentials Checklist

Industrial Warehouse Readiness Essentials Checklist

We hope you find these resources useful. Should you need assistance with your organization’s re-entry safety plan, please let know. We are happy to work with you to help ensure a safe work environment for everyone. Simply contact your local Nelson office to see how we can help.