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Record Napa Valley Hospitality Job Openings Challenge Employers

Posted On09/27/2016

ContributorTracy Fischer

Nelson’s staffing and recruiting teams truly understand the pulse of the employment industry. In the markets we serve, we often lead the efforts to recognize and proactively address factors impacting employment trends.

That holds true for our involvement in Napa County, where we’ve been working with businesses to serve their staffing needs for nearly 40 years.

When the North Bay Business Journal started investigating the local employment market effects of the increase in hospitality businesses, they turned to Nelson’s Senior Vice President of Field Operations, Kelley Hartman, to better understand the circumstances local employers are facing.

From the article (by Cynthia Sweeney, originally published September 26th, 2016):

…With continued growth expected — including at least 700 more hotel rooms with the next few years — Napa is struggling to come up with ways to draw employees.

“This will be a challenge. The majority of the new hotels’ workforce needs will be back-of-house departments like housekeeping and food production. Most positions in these areas are traditionally low paying, which will make finding employees even more challenging,” said Kelley Hartman, senior vice president field operations at Nelson Staffing. “Parking will also be a challenge if workers need to commute from out-of-town. We have heard that some hotels are already busing in housekeepers from Sacramento, and solutions like this may become even more necessary if pay doesn’t rise to meet the rising cost of living. New workers will not be attracted to the area with minimum-wage jobs.”

Learn more about the Napa employment market and hospitality employers’ challenges to find local, reliable employees by reading the full article on the North Bay Business Journal’s website.