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Petaluma Focuses on Job Attraction

Posted On08/29/2017

ContributorErin Jasper

Nelson’s staffing and recruiting teams truly understand the pulse of the employment industry. In the markets we serve, proactively addressing factors impacting employments trends is a priority.

That holds true for our involvement in Petaluma, where we’ve been working with businesses to serve their staffing needs for nearly 50 years.

When Petaluma local officials and economic experts started investigating the growing need to attract and retain employees, they turned to Nelson’s very own Mary Lynn Bartholomew, the area manager of Petaluma, to better understand the difficulties Petaluma employers are facing.

From the article (by Hannah Beausang, originally published August 28, 2017):

As Petaluma’s booming post-recession development paves the way for new residents and merchants, business owners are struggling to attract candidates to fill jobs across all sectors.

Local officials and economic experts attribute the issue to a complex web of factors, including the city’s low unemployment rate, skyrocketing housing costs and a lack of a specialized educational foundation to prepare the next generation of workers.

“It’s a big issue,” Economic Development Manager Ingrid Alverde said.

Learn more about Petaluma’s employment market on Argus Courier’s website.