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Nelson beCAUSE Corporate Philanthropy Program

New Nelson beCAUSE Corporate Philanthropy Program

Posted On04/09/2018

ContributorTracy Fischer

Nelson is pleased to announce the launch of Nelson beCAUSE, our new corporate philanthropy program. Offering a variety of options for non-profit organizations interested in obtaining support from Nelson, the Nelson beCAUSE program is designed to strengthen the communities in which Nelson employees live, work and play, through volunteerism, investment, and inspiring others to share our passion for giving back beCAUSE we care. The program will also help bolster the significant individual philanthropic efforts of Nelson employees and branches.

The beCAUSE program consists of three specific program components:

  1. beCAUSE grants available to qualifying 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.
  2. Matching gifts to qualifying 501(c)3 non-profit organizations
  3. A Nelson employee volunteer program

“Nelson has a long history of company-wide philanthropic generosity, with founder Gary Nelson leading by example by supporting a variety of organizations, causes, and people in need,” said Joe Madigan, Nelson’s chief executive officer. “We’re pleased to launch the Nelson beCAUSE program to maximize and track the impact of the philanthropic efforts of our company–and our employees–throughout all the regions we serve.”

Nelson family members and employees have contributed not only financial support but also thousands of hours of volunteer time to important causes. The company’s philosophy of giving has resulted in significant recognition, frequently alongside companies that are much larger and have significantly more resources. For example, Nelson was recently ranked 18 out of the top 100 corporate philanthropists in the Bay Area. While many other organizations use corporate social responsibility solely as a means of generating good press, Nelson has a longstanding history of giving for giving’s sake–giving beCAUSE we care. The beCAUSE program is designed to continue that tradition.

To learn more about Nelson’s beCAUSE corporate philanthropy program and see photos of Nelson volunteer efforts, visit our Nelson beCAUSE webpage.