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NELSONtalks Webinar: Company Vision

NELSONtalks Webinar Recording: Envisioning Your Company's Future

Posted On08/07/2018

ContributorNelson Jobs

Using Your Strategic Company Vision to Align Employee Efforts*

Your company may have a strategic mission statement or established values. But have you communicated a clear and concise company vision that resonates with your workforce? Is this collective company vision a guiding star that serves as a compass for the decisions and actions of your employees, shaping the way your company does business?

By engaging your workforce in the creation, refinement, and implementation of your company vision, you can align efforts, increase engagement, and improve recruitment and retention.

In this NELSONtalks webinar, Lisa Johnson, Vice President of HR at Nelson, shared:

  • Real-life case studies of how companies have capitalized on a compelling company vision to motivate and inspire their employees.
  • Concrete methods to facilitate company vision creation, buy-in and adoption.
  • Actionable tips for translating your company’s vision into meaningful day-to-day actions, uniting your workforce both in strategic purpose and daily efforts.

Watch the webinar recording below or access our companion resources for this event:

Connect with our host and speaker on LinkedIn:

  • Connect with host Jim Geist, Regional Vice President for Nelson & Associates
  • Connect with speaker Lisa Johnson, Vice President of Human Resources for Nelson

We hope you were able to join us and found the information shared in today’s webinar valuable. Stay tuned for more resources, webinars, and events designed to help company leaders overcome common business challenges.

*Please note that while 1 HRCI and 1 SHRM credits were available to those who attended our live webinar broadcast, we are not able to offer credits to those viewing the recording. Please check our events page often to learn more about upcoming continuing education events and other webinars.