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Nelson Releases Advisor & Salary Guide Featuring Comprehensive Salary and Workplace Trends Information for California Employers

Posted On01/15/2018

ContributorTracy Fischer

Robust salary guide and California Workplace Trends Report and help employers understand economic conditions and build a roadmap to business success in 2018

Nelson is pleased to announce the release of our 2018 Advisor and Salary Guide: a comprehensive resource designed to help California employers compete for talent. Featuring locally-tailored salary data for more than 200 positions in a variety of markets throughout California, Nelson’s Advisor and Salary Guide is a robust resource eagerly awaited by hundreds of California companies each year.

This year, Nelson’s Advisor and Salary Guide includes our second annual Workplace Trends Report, which shares insights regarding statewide workplace trends. The report was generated from a proprietary survey of more than 650 business leaders throughout California and examines the economic and workforce-related trends and factors influencing business success. This year’s report compares year-over-year survey responses, providing a unique snapshot of subtle regional changes that can indicate larger trends and patterns. A wide variety of company types, sizes, and industries were represented, with respondents hailing from more than 100 industries in 20 counties throughout the state.

“With continued low unemployment rates, we’re starting to see increasing wage pressures in many California markets,” said Joe Madigan, chief executive officer of Nelson. “Employers need to understand the nuances of their specific markets, including competitive compensation packages, to plan for the resources it will take to attract and keep talent in a challenging 2018 recruiting and retention environment.”

The Workplace Trends Report in Nelson’s 2018 Advisor and Salary Guide reveals key insights into workplace trends important for budgeting for and planning for talent acquisition and retention efforts in the upcoming year. In 2018, overall, employers expect:

  1. Continuing challenges attracting scarce talent.
    Survey respondents again named “talent acquisition and management” the number one business challenge their businesses currently face.
  2. Sustainable growth.
    Employers reported strong economic confidence and being better able to predict and adapt to current growth trends, which are reportedly slowing slightly from the rapid growth pattern of the past several years.
  3. Increasing focus on the importance of talent retention.
    This year, more employers reported that new-hire salaries were holding steady or rising. This reveals that wages-mostly stagnant since the recession-are beginning to creep up, at least for new hires. Despite this, only 2 percent of employers reported providing a standard salary increase of 5 percent or more for current employees. Employers need to be cautious of higher turnover rates caused by employees switching jobs in search of salary increases, more perks, or better benefits.

Each year, leaders of companies who operate in California consult Nelson’s Advisor and Salary Guide for the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate local salary data and workplace trends information specific to the unique California employment landscape. “We rely on Nelson’s Advisor and Salary Guide to help us understand the nuances of our local market and economic conditions,” said Robin Conover, Corporate Accounts Payable Manager for Grocery Outlet. “Each year, we consult several different salary guides. We’ve found the salary ranges in Nelson’s Advisor to be the most accurate, taking into account local nuances and the latest talent supply and demand information. In addition, this year’s Workplace Trends Report gave us a fantastic overview of the trends that are impacting our recruitment and retention efforts. Any employer in California who does not utilize this resource is at a disadvantage when planning for 2018.”

To learn more about Nelson’s 2018 Advisor and Salary Guide and request your copy, which includes the full Workplace Trends Report, visit