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Nelson Advisor & Salary Guide Reveals California Workplace Trends

Posted On01/04/2017

ContributorTracy Fischer

Comprehensive report provides unique snapshot of factors influencing business outcomes and showcases employment growth and economic confidence

Nelson, a leader in California’s staffing and recruiting industry, today released its 2017 Advisor and Salary Guide: a comprehensive resource designed to help California employers compete for talent. This year’s Advisor and Salary Guide features salary data for more than 200 positions in local California markets. It also includes Nelson’s 2017 Workplace Trends Report, which was generated from the results of a survey of more than 500 hiring managers and thought leaders from companies of many industries and sizes in 17 California counties throughout the state.

“Historically low unemployment rates are contributing to increased talent competition across the various industries we serve,” said Tony Bartenetti, President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Nelson. “Candidates and employees now have more leverage when it comes to negotiating and managing the employee/employer relationship. Employers need to use every piece of information at their disposal to ensure their compensation packages are competitive and to avoid recruiting challenges that negatively impact business results.”

The Workplace Trends Report in Nelson’s 2017 Advisor and Salary Guide reveals key insights into workplace trends important for budgeting for and planning for talent acquisition and retention efforts in the upcoming year. Overwhelmingly, California employers report:

  1. Significant challenges attracting key talent.
    Survey respondents named “talent acquisition and management” the number one business challenge their businesses currently face. And with the majority of companies continuing to increase headcount, competing for talent will continue to be a challenge through 2017.
  2. Changing work formats.
    Companies are increasingly utilizing independent contractors; and offering flexible work options (including flexible schedules, work-at-home arrangements, and part-time scheduling options) to most employees is the norm, not the exception or an unexpected perk.
  3. Wages not rising enough to compete for increasingly scarce talent.
    Despite the majority indicating they’d be willing to pay higher than budget to attract and retain top talent, nearly half of employers report that wages in 2016 were flat or lower when compared with wages over the past several years. And with a better compensation package reported as the top reason employees leave, stagnant wages are a significant challenge.

Each year, leaders of companies who operate in California consult Nelson’s Advisor and Salary Guide for the most up-to-date and accurate salary data and workplace trends information. “This year’s Advisor and Salary Guide from Nelson gave us crucial information we need to structure our compensation and benefit plans,” said Eric Pansegrau, Founder of JIBASoft, Inc. “The new Workplace Trends Report helped us gauge the current hiring climate and learn what is important to candidates considering a position at our company. We now have a better understanding of what we need to do to attract new talent and retain our top performers.”

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