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Job searching strategies for today’s job seekers

Posted On11/18/2015

ContributorShirin Miller

Tried and True Job Searching Strategies

So, you are ready to start down the path to a magnificent new career. Good thing you stopped by Nelson’s webiste! In this article, you will find effective strategies for attaining your dream job.
These tactics have been developed for job seekers just like you to make their job hunt a success. Go ahead and reach for the stars, the sky is your limit!

Here is your mission

Treat searching for employment as if it’s your current job! Work regular, steady hours, and set up a space where you will feel comfortable spending time. Sample tasks might include drafting a cover letter, researching companies, networking, setting up informational interviews, and applying to positions online.


Put everything you need within hand’s reach – or rather, your mouse’s reach! Make sure you have records of all your past employment and achievements ready to refer to. You wouldn’t want to be passed over for a job because you put down an incorrect start date.

  • Use a spreadsheet as a tracking tool. Track jobs you’ve applied for, and which you’ve heard back from. This will make it easier to identify the types of jobs and employers who may be a good fit for your next step. Don’t have Excel? Use Google Sheets, Google’s free online spreadsheet tool.

Start now!

If you find yourself highly distracted and spending time doing everything, but searching for a job, STOP…it’s time to reprioritize.
Best ways to eliminate job search procrastination:

  • List everything you have to do.
  • Write down your career goal and keep it in eyesight.
  • Break down your big goal into realistic sub-goals.
  • Make each task meaningful.
  • Remind yourself of the rewards.
  • Eliminate tasks you never plan to do.
  • Estimate the amount of time you think it will take you to complete a task.
  • Make sure your resume is completed and ready to send out.

Get organized and stay on track!

Creating weekly or even daily plans of attack will keep you on target. Breaking goals down into an easy to read checklist can make you feel empowered as you see the list shrinking before your eyes.
An example list may include:

  • Ask for # of LinkedIn introductions.
  • Send __ # of resumes.
  • Attend networking activities.

Don’t worry, lists are always subject to change.


Make a promise to yourself that you must meet every deadline! Often a little bit of pressure will get your motor running into high gear.
Remember to develop realistic deadlines so that you can achieve all of them. For example:

  • By Wednesday:
    Research completed on how to write an effective resume
  • By Thursday:
    First draft of resume completed
  • By Friday:
    Get feedback from someone who knows how to create an effective resume/li>

Ask for help

Entrust the people who can help you with the process of researching companies, conducting mock interviews, and proofreading your resume and cover letters.

  • Friends and family
  • Unions
  • Career counselors
  • Employment companies, like Nelson!
  • Teachers or mentors
  • Community organizations

This is also an excellent opportunity to network!

Don’t burn the candle at both ends:

Don’t start your brand new job on sick leave!
We all know that searching for that perfect job can be anxiety provoking; leaving you feeling emotionally and physically drained, but don’t stress. Nelson can help make sure that you are fully equipped with the tools necessary to keep your spirits high so when it comes time for the interview you are ready.

  • Get plenty of rest; wake up and follow a normal schedule.
  • Searching from home? Try leaving the house, even if is just to go get coffee. Better yet, bring your computer – and try a different search setting!
  • Work within designated time frames.
  • Stay hydrated and eat regular meals.
  • Stay positive (red flag the negative thoughts). Remember, you are not alone. With persistence, you will find your dream job.
  • Surround yourself with optimistic people – and ask them for support when needed.

Take the first step toward finding your dream job now by submitting your resume to Nelson!