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Interview Guide: Questions to Avoid

Posted On11/21/2016

ContributorTracy Fischer

Interview Guide: Questions to Avoid

There are a tremendous variety of online resources dedicated to helping job seekers interview, providing guidance on what to wear, what time to arrive, how to answer common questions, how to conduct pre-interview research, and more. But an interview is a two-way conversation; skilled interviewers can help candidates feel comfortable, preventing interview nerves and helping candidates present their skills and experience in the best light as the interviewer assesses the candidate’s fit for the job.

Developing those interview skills can be a challenge. Not only are interviewers tasked with evaluating each candidate’s skills, experience, and fit for the open position, they are often asked to do so with little formal training or ongoing feedback.

Whether you are an experienced interviewer or are preparing for your very first interview on this side of the table, Nelson’s interviewing resources can help you prepare to conduct your next interview thoroughly and appropriately.

Nelson developed this Questions to Avoid Interview Guide to help you understand what topics are legally off limits during an interview–and what topics are OK to address. Consult this resource to gain a better understanding of the legal prohibitions on interview questions and topics so you can avoid unintentional missteps that could make candidates uncomfortable and potentially lead to litigation and unforeseen legal ramifications.

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