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Hugely Helpful Video Conference Tips for WFH

Posted On03/23/2020

ContributorSheri Pepper

As many of us are now working from home and taking more meetings with the help of our laptop’s video camera, it’s inevitable to make some mistakes. Some mistakes are easily forgiven and easily correctible. But those that sear a hugely embarrassing image into the brain of co-workers or clients are the ones you want to think about before you turn your video camera to ON.

Whether you’re taking a meeting with your own team, interviewing job candidates, or trying to land a job or a new client, knowing how to present your best self takes a bit of learning and set up. But it’s all doable and will make your life working remotely a better experience … for everyone concerned.

For example, this video went viral some time ago – and it doesn’t take much to see how a little lock on the door would have hugely helped this video session!

For more hugely helpful video conference tips, read this great how-to by Lee Woodruff, executive media trainer. And remember, look behind you before you look in the camera. Good luck!

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