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First Job After College

How to Land Your First Job after College

Posted On07/15/2019

ContributorKaila Prins

By Emma Nelson 

So, you’ve graduated college. Now what? Finding a job after college can be intimidating, stressful, and all-consuming. Whom do you talk to? Where do you go? To help you reduce some of the stress that can be associated with this time, here are some tips for landing a job after college.

Visit Your Campus Career Center

You can do this while still attending college, as well as when you’re on the brink of graduating. The services offered at your school’s career center are right at your fingertips. You can touch up your resume, write a cover letter, network with graduates of your college, and so much more. Take advantage of the easily accessible and incredibly helpful services offered at your college career center to get a head start on the job search before you don your cap and gown.

Create Accounts at Online Employment Websites

Creating accounts on recruiting sites like LinkedIn, SimplyHired, and Glassdoor will make your name and face known to an entire network of people who are also utilizing these sites. Attach your resume, your skills, and personal information to gain access to an abundance of opportunities. You will be able to see job listings, contact employers, and show off your skills to employers who are searching for someone like you.


Over the past four years, you’ve had the opportunity to meet many professors, alumni, and speakers who could be very valuable to your job search. Make sure to stay in touch with past professors whose classes were related to your chosen career. You can even reach out to professors from whom you haven’t taken classes, but whose specialties are aligned with your career interests. Connect with speakers via LinkedIn (but make sure that you send a concise and relevant message and a reasonable ask when you do!). And don’t forget to stay in touch with alumni – they, along with your professors, could very well have research opportunities, internships, and jobs that would interest you and kick off your career.

Contact a Staffing Agency

It might be beneficial to look into joining a staffing agency. You’re still at the beginning of your career and might not be sure what specific job interests you. Or, you may know what you want to do, but you don’t yet have the experience on your resume. Staffing firms like Nelson help you find a job that suits you and that you could either stick with for a short period of time or potentially turn into something bigger. With its network of employers throughout California, Nelson knows where the best jobs are and does its part to match you with the right role in a convenient location. Even better, by working with a staffing firm like Nelson, you may be eligible for benefits in addition to getting a paycheck!