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Hot Labor Day Promo Items to Thank Your Employees

Posted On08/16/2017

ContributorShirin Miller

If your company’s polices allow, you’ve probably already given out all the extra vacation days, gift cards, and bonuses your budget will allow. And selecting the right company swag to give to employees can be a tricky balance; it can be challenging to select company-branded gifts that employees will love, and more about thanking your employees than promoting your brand.

At companies where morale is strong, there is usually some employee demand for company-branded promo items. This labor day, if you’re looking for a fun way to show employees they’re valued, try hosting a labor day barbecue and giving away some fun company swag! Here are a few suggestions that we’ve found go over well – for Labor Day, or any other occasion.

Fidget spinners
Parents may be hoping the fidget spinner craze has peaked, but these items are still in hot demand. Kids and adults (especially ones stuck on long conference calls) alike still look forward to receiving these. If your office is already fidget-spinner saturated, try other fidget devices – and encourage employees to bring them to meetings.

Charging cables
Supercharge your employee-thanking efforts with charging cables. No more forgotten phone chargers or dead phones after long client meetings. In fact, it’s a good idea to stash a few of these around the office anyway!


High-quality water bottles
While most people have multiple water bottles stashed in closets and cupboards, high-quality bottles that keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot always go over well.


What works for your company will depend on your climate, dress code, and more. Note that higher-quality items, like down vests or nicer fleeces, are usually a better way to say “thanks” than cheap t-shirts that get stashed in a drawer.


Which of these options works best at your workplace? You decide! Each company is different – and only you know what your employees will receive best.

Pro tip: offer an option, so each employee gets exactly what they want. It also never hurts to throw in a bonus gift card, team lunch, vacay day, etc.

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