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3 Ways Not to Scare Qualified Candidates Away

Posted On10/29/2018

ContributorNelson Jobs

It’s almost Halloween, but just because everyone is decorating their homes with skeletons and preparing for the inevitable sugar crash on November 1, doesn’t mean you need to carry the ethos of the holiday into your recruitment practices.

To help you make your recruiting process more of a treat, here are a few ways to keep from scaring your qualified candidates away this Halloween:

Ease Up on the “Frankensteined” Job Descriptions

Has it been so long since you’ve taken a good look at your job descriptions that your company careers page is covered in cobwebs? It might be time to dust them off and bring them back to the lab for a new infusion of life.

But don’t just think that adding some new paragraphs to an old job post will do the trick: turning your old job posts into monster-mash of new and old parts from different people writing at different times can make them confusing and unreadable. (This may look like: bullet points thrown in willy-nilly, quick additions made as departmental needs change, reqs written by multiple people without a nod toward voice and tone, etc.)

Make sure your postings are cohesive, concise, and clear, so when you take them live, they don’t send your candidates screaming from your page.

Don’t Be a Zombie

You have a lot of candidates to screen — and the process of hunting through virtual stacks of resumes for the right brains for the job can make you feel a little undead.  

But your candidates don’t see the number of applications on your plate, and your communication may be the first one they get from the company. How you respond to their interest in the position matters: whether it’s an impersonal form letter or a rushed phone screen, they may get the impression that the end is nigh for their chance for employment with your company.

This is an employee-friendly job market, and your team can’t afford to lose top talent just because you’re crunched for time. If screening and hiring candidates keeps you from attending to more pressing matters in the land of the living (and the already-hired), it might be time to seek out help from a staffing firm.

Stop Ghosting Your Candidates

One of the biggest complaints that job seekers have is that information is kept in a proverbial “black box.” And while playing crypt keeper may be unintentional on your part, the lack of communication during the hiring process may scare your candidates right into the arms of another employer.

While the economy remains strong and unemployment low, top talent has their choice of employer. When you go dark — whether it’s because you’re waiting for a hiring manager to get approvals or because you’re interviewing someone else — the candidate may assume they’ve been ghosted.

Don’t get haunted by the memories of good candidates lost too soon — develop a plan for staying in contact with your candidates throughout the process. Already feeling haunted by the ghosts of other HR responsibilities? Working with a staffing company to streamline the recruiting process can take away some of the fear of losing out on qualified candidates.

This Halloween season, choose to make your recruitment process a treat by working with Nelson on your open job requisitions! Let’s put some time on the calendar and make that day a staffing holiday.