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Fun Facts for Administrative Professionals Day

Posted On04/21/2020

ContributorBrandon Eiges

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

While, at Nelson, we believe that every day should be a day to celebrate administrative professionals, we also believe that admins – those who work for us and those we help place at companies all over California – deserve a special day to honor all that they do to keep our workplaces running.

To mark this special occasion, here are some fun facts about administrative professionals day and the wonderful workers it celebrates:

  1. Being an admin is more than just hard work – it’s certifiably hard! The International Association of Administrative Professionals offers a Certified Professional Secretary exam to admins who want to take their careers to the next level.
  2. “Administrative Professionals Day” used to be known as “National Secretaries Day,” which was first recognized in 1952.
  3. The annual mean wage for administrative support professionals in California is between $39,990 and $53,710, which is among the highest paying states in the country. (San Jose/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara and San Francisco/Oakland/Hayward are the metro areas with the top two highest annual mean wages for admins.)
  4. In the Los Angeles metro area, there are about 154 administrative professionals per 1000 jobs – the second-highest concentration in the country, after the New York City metro area.
  5. 85% of admins are female, and 42% have been with their company for 6 or more years.
  6. Did you know that Nelson has recruiters who are dedicated to finding Administrative Assistants and other clerical and office support professionals? Whether you’re looking for a job or looking for an amazing new admin, we have you covered.

Make sure to take some time to celebrate your administrative professionals for all of the work they do to keep the office running smoothly. They are the true heroes of the workplace!