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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Work

Five Workplace-Friendly St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

Posted On02/14/2017

ContributorTracy Fischer

Holiday celebrations can be a fun way to thank your employees and continue to keep everyone engaged and motivated at work; but it can be tricky to find a good balance between celebrating and keeping things work-appropriate, especially for holidays like St. Patrick’s Day with strong party traditions!

Make sure your St. Patrick’s Day holiday celebration hits all the right notes (while avoiding the wrong ones) with the suggestions from Nelson below.

  1. Prepare a traditional Irish feast.
    Corned beef and cabbage. Irish breakfast. Boxty. Shepherd’s pie. Irish soda bread. Potatoes prepared every which way. The possibilities are nearly endless, especially if you expand the menu to include green foods, regardless of whether they are traditionally Irish!
  2. Green your office.
    Relax your dress code for the day and invite employees to don their green. Pick up some fun dollar store accessories (hats/glasses/bead necklaces/etc.) or office décor and offer them up for a celebratory touch. By providing approved décor, you can also make sure décor doesn’t stray into offensive territory.
  3. Enjoy some Irish music.
    Tune in to a stream (radio or online) of traditional Irish music, or make your own mix of music from more recent Irish artists like the Cranberries and U2. If anyone in your office is musically inclined, invite them to play some traditional Irish tunes. You can also put an Irish dance performance on the office TV!
  4. Honor the Luck-o-the-Irish.
    Celebrate the luck of the holiday with traditional symbols of luck. Host a horseshoe tournament. Hide a paper four-leaf clover somewhere in the office and offer a prize to the person who finds it. Provide a bag of chocolate coins so that everyone can partake in the “gold” at the end of the rainbow!
  5. Celebrate responsibly.
    Even if alcohol is not a part of your official work-sponsored celebration, it’s always a good idea to be sure your company has and shares clear policies regarding alcohol and social engagements. That way, if partygoers choose to continue the fun beyond work hours or offsite, they understand where there might be limits.

Missed the boat on a St. Patrick’s Day celebration? Don’t miss out on the party! Make your own “green” holiday by combining Earth Day with St. Patty’s Day!

Like other holidays, St. Patrick’s Day can be a fun excuse to let loose a little at work. By celebrating in a way that’s respectful and inclusive of traditions, culture, and perspectives, you can help make sure your celebration is a hit.

At Nelson, we understand that experiencing the “Luck-o-the-Irish” in hiring takes more than just luck; it takes preparation, skill, insight, and experience. Work with Nelson, and you’ll feel like you found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with your next new hire!

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