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Do you sell with planned persistence?

Executive Perspective: Selling Smart with Planned Persistence

Posted On06/11/2018

ContributorNelson Jobs

Combining New-School Marketing Tactics with Classic Selling Techniques for Sales Success

If you work in sales, do you “sell smart” by using planned persistence?

To be an effective seller, you don’t have to choose between new-school marketing tactics or classic selling techniques. Using a combination of both and following the principles of planned persistence allows you to supplement your sales efforts with automated touchpoints with resources and messaging that increase the value you provide to your prospects.

Nelson Executive Vice President Chandra Pappas recently explained this concept of planned persistence in an article for Staffing Industry Review, the magazine from Staffing Industry Analysts.

In this article, Pappas shares how utilizing a balanced approach between outreach and automation can help optimize the effectiveness of both strategies.

From the article:

“Planned persistence takes brute-force cold calling and adds a layer of finesse. It involves thinking like a marketer — and even collaborating with your marketing team — to build and improve your relationships. Planning your messaging and outreach prevents the follow-up from being annoying and keeps the focus on the needs of the buyers.”

Read more about planned persistence on the Staffing Industry Review website.

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