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Chandra Pappas

Executive Perspective: EVP Chandra Pappas

Posted On03/08/2018

ContributorNelson Jobs

Many leading California publications regularly reach out to Nelson’s team for expert perspectives on the job market, economy, state of employment, and other business-related topics. Comstock’s magazine, the premier monthly business publication in California’s Capital Region, recently interviewed Nelson EVP Chandra Pappas about her vision of the staffing industry’s future.

Pappas discussed how staffing companies are adapting to low-unemployment labor conditions, her predictions for the world of contingent and flexible work, and the importance of balancing technological efficiencies with relationship-building strength.

From the article:

“McKinsey estimates that up to 30 percent of workers in the U.S. and Europe engage in independent work; this barely scratches the surface of flexible opportunity. These numbers will continue to rise, even among workforce segments – such as the C-suite – formerly immune to gig-economy-related changes. However, companies will need to be cognizant of who shoulders the employment risk burden when engaging contingent workers.”

Read more on Comstock’s website.