NELSONtalks East Bay

This event has passed

NELSONtalks Business: East Bay

Apr 25, 2018 | 8am - 12pm

Lafayette Park Hotel

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the first-ever NELSONtalks Business: East Bay!

This event is now over, but be sure to check our Get Work Blog for event updates and other timely news. You can find all upcoming events on our events page.

Sessions included:

The Economy of Labor in the East Bay: Trends and Predictions for a Shared Future
Dr. Robert Eyler, Professor of Economics at Sonoma State University and President of Economic Forensics and Analytics, Inc.

With unemployment rates hovering near record lows and demand for labor continuing to grow, California employers face unique challenges in finding talent and growing their reach. Dr. Robert Eyler will review key insights on today’s local and California labor markets as well as what these insights mean for the East Bay’s economic future and for local businesses, detailing the interconnected relationships between businesses, communities, the state economy, and the national and global economic picture.

Robert’s rare ability to break down highly detailed economic concepts and make them engaging for a general audience yet informative for other subject matter experts always receives an excellent rating from NELSONtalks attendees.

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Victims, Villains, and Heroes Workshop: Managing the Emotions of Work
Don Phin, Esq., Founder and President of HR That Works (acquired by ThinkHR in January 2014)

Owners, managers, employees, and customers are all subject to constant, swirling emotional drama in the workplace. When dealing with this drama, it’s common to fall into playing the default roles of the victim, the villain, or the hero, which can lead to miscommunication, rejection, stress, lawsuits, and more.

In this session, Don Phin will provide a powerful reference and practical advice for avoiding the emotional traps of the workplace, recognizing repeated-no win scenarios, and building a workforce where the collective energy is spent on productivity instead of emotional gamesmanship.

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Hire Power: Legal Trends in California Hiring
Jennifer Shaw, Esq., Founder, Shaw Law Group

Recent employment law changes in California mean employers in the state must deal with more regulations and requirements than ever before when hiring new employees. It can be nearly impossible to keep up with changes, understand the details, and implement compliant hiring processes and procedures that follow best practices and help protect your business from legal risk.

Jennifer Shaw will help employers navigate the tumultuous waters of California employment law changes by covering a variety of California hiring requirements, including fair pay rules (including restrictions on requesting salary history), the Fair Chance Act and ban-the-box rules, what employment applications can and can’t include, and gender identity regulations.

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Dr. Robert Eyler

Dr. Robert Eyler is President of Economic Forensics and Analytics, specializing in public policy analysis for firms and governments. He is also Dean of the School of Extended and International Education and Professor of Economics at Sonoma State University. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis and a B.A. in Economics at CSU, Chico. He is often called up by the media for his expertise, provides economic impact analyses for both private firms and public entities to help guide public policy, and acts as an expert witness and forensic economist in litigation. Robert has been a visiting scholar at both the University of Bologna and Stanford University. Robert is a Sonoma County native, and his family have been sheep and cattle ranchers in Marin and Sonoma counties since 1910.

Don Phin, Esq.

Don grew up in the Bronx, and was fortunate enough to attend the Bronx HS of Science. At 19, he jumped at the opportunity to work on a tuna boat out of San Diego. He liked the sea, sunshine, volleyball, an surfing, so he stayed. Don now lives in beautiful Coronado, California and is happily married with three sons and four grandkids.

Don has been a California employment practices attorney since 1983. He litigated employment and business cases for 17 years and quit once he figured out that nobody wins a lawsuit. Since leaving litigation, he has written numerous books and presented more than 500 times to executives nationwide. Don was the founder and president of HR That Works, an HR solutions company that helped 3,500 small and mid-sized companies and was acquired by ThinkHR in January of 2014. He stayed on as a V.P. of ThinkHR for two years.

Now in his “wisdom sharing years,” Don loves coaching executives and investigates challenging workplace problems. He continues to inspire with his speaking and training.

Jennifer Shaw, Esq.

Jennifer Shaw is the founder of Shaw Law Group.  A well-respected expert in employment law for more than 20 years, employers rely on Jennifer to provide practical advice and counsel on a broad range of employment law issues, including wage-hour compliance, reasonable accommodation/leave of absence issues, and hiring/separation issues.

Named by Northern California Super Lawyers magazine as one of the top attorneys in California every year since 2009 and the recipient of numerous other awards, Jennifer is a frequent speaker on employment law topics, and has been a guest on CNN and local television and radio.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics with honors from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Jennifer graduated magna cum laude from the University of San Francisco School of Law, where she was the editor-in-chief of the law review.