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Welcome to Nelson’s COVID-19 resource page.

The information we post here will help you navigate and make decisions related to the changes we’re all experiencing in our professional and personal lives.

All Nelson branch teams are temporarily working remotely to serve our clients and candidates. Whether you need assistance with workforce recruiting or you’re looking for an employment opportunity, we’re here and available to help you. As a team, we have deep knowledge of the current job market, who’s hiring and who’s not, strategies for recruiting remotely, and helpful ideas to help you find work in our current reality.

If there is anything we can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re all in this together.


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We are monitoring the situation closely. Click the link below for the most up to date information.



Nelson Grants Three Wishes Through Make-A-Wish Foundation

Posted On 07/08/2020

Nelson has been a longtime supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Greater Bay Area. In early 2020, the greater Nelson community came together to create a special Make-A-Wish fund in honor of Lisa Madigan...

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Resources to Help Your Company Return to the Workplace

Posted On 06/09/2020

Like so many in California companies, the Nelson team is moving out of shelter-in-place, preparing for the re-opening of our economy, and strategizing about returning to our business locations...

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Want to Help Your Employees Who Are Still Sheltering in Place? 5 Tips

Posted On 05/28/2020

California’s shelter-in-place restrictions are gradually lifting, but no one knows with certainty when the guidelines will be fully relaxed. This means many employees remain quarantined at home and uncertain about...

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Remote Working Is a Two-Way Road—Making It Work for Employers and Employees

Posted On 05/12/2020

Whether you were already familiar with a remote work arrangement or were thrown into it by the mandate to shelter in place, the one thing we all have in common is that we’re all in it together...

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How to Stay Emotionally Healthy During Coronavirus

Posted On 05/08/2020

We’re deep into the days of coronavirus. Our social feeds and email inboxes are bubbling over with tips, tricks, and advice on how to stay healthy, safe, and sane. With so many choices, we wanted to find a single source to help...

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Your LinkedIn Profile: 7 Improvements to Make Today

Posted On 05/06/2020

Getting bored with Zoom? Tired of walking the dog? While the nation shelters in place, this is a great time to update your LinkedIn profile – especially if you need to find work or want to change jobs when the coronavirus crisis...

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How to Keep Your Remote Team Productive and Successful

Posted On 05/01/2020

As we continue to work remotely during shelter-in-place orders, many challenges that at first seemed daunting are now familiar. Even though re-entry is on the horizon, physical distancing is likely here to stay...

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Fun Facts for Administrative Professionals Day

Posted On 04/21/2020

While, at Nelson, we believe that every day should be a day to celebrate administrative professionals, we also believe that admins – those who work for us and those we help place at companies all over California – deserve...

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Resume Help: 9 Tips to Boost Your Job Search

Posted On 04/15/2020

If you’re going through a job transition or applying for a new role, you want your resume to shine and highlight your experience as current and relevant...

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6 Tips for Virtually Onboarding New Employees in a Remote Work Environment

Posted On 04/13/2020

As America has become more accustomed to a life of sheltering in place, most employers and employees have pivoted and settled into their new reality of working from home. There have been challenges for sure...

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From Zoombombing to Phishing: Keep Your Data Safe While Working From Home

Posted On 04/07/2020

We’re working from home. Talking from home. Reporting, and meeting, and Zooming from home. And the internet trolls know it. During the COVID-19 crisis, malicious intruders are seeping into our...

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How to Measure Productivity on a Remote Team

Posted On 03/28/2020

With social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, businesses have had to go remote in a hurry. People in roles that have never been remote before are now working from home, while managers are left...

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Coronavirus and Working From Home: How to Keep the Kids Busy

Posted On 03/25/2020

Balancing work responsibilities with the demands of a full time job is inherently challenging. But with COVID-19 forcing school and childcare facility closures, you may find yourself suddenly forced to...

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Hugely Helpful Video Conference Tips for WFH

Posted On 03/23/2020

As many of us are now working from home and taking more meetings with the help of our laptop’s video camera, it’s inevitable to make some mistakes. Some mistakes are easily forgiven and easily correctible...

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Remote...Now What? Getting Started as a First-Time Remote Worker

Posted On 03/20/2020

COVID-19 is forcing the largest work from home (WFH) experiment in history. As teams everywhere go virtual, employees at all levels of the organization are looking to make the transition as seamless as possible...

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Nelson Jobs Salary Report


Current local salary ranges developed from recent local data (and not from a national formula) for more than 200 positions across California’s major metro markets.

Nelson Jobs Salary Report


Current local salary ranges developed from recent local data (and not from a national formula) for more than 200 positions across California’s major metro markets.

Nelson Jobs Salary Report


Current local salary ranges developed from recent local data (and not from a national formula) for more than 200 positions across California’s major metro markets.

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