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AIDS Walk SF Crushes Fundraising Goal: Nelson There to Support

Posted On07/23/2014

ContributorTracy Fischer

Sunday, July 20th the AIDS Walk San Francisco took place, and in total raised over $2.3 Million! Nelson’s very own Jeff Phelps and Eric Edelstein were part of Team Mimosa and took part in the walk. As a group, Team Mimosa soared past their fundraising goal of $25,000 and with the help of friends and families they were able to raise $29,177! Incredible!

Jeff and Eric had their own little friendly wager of who could individually raise more money to go towards the team. Jeff’s original goal was to raise $4,000, and he finished with $4,475! Eric’s goal was $1,000 and he finished with $1,300! Technically Jeff raised more money, but Eric was able to surpass his goal by 30%, while Jeff surpassed his by 12%. We’ll let you be the judge of who “won.” Regardless, it was great community support and amazing fundraising efforts by everyone involved to help achieve the overall goal of getting closer to finding a cure for AIDS/HIV, one step at a time.

Over the past 28 years, AIDS Walk San Francisco has inspired thousands of people to walk, millions more to donate, and has raised nearly $82 million to fight HIV/AIDS. The funds raised at the event enable Project Inform and many other HIV/AIDS service organizations throughout the Bay Area, to provide prevention, care, and advocacy programs for thousands of men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS.

Check out some of the pictures from the walk!