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2020 Nelson Advisor & Salary Guide

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2020: Looking Forward

The California job market remains healthy, and the hunt for top candidates remains competitive. To attract and retain top talent, it’s critical to address employees’ top concerns about compensation, flexibility, benefits, advancement, and commutes.

In fact, our research of workers all across California shows that just 14% of employees are fully committed to their current employer, which leaves an overwhelming 86% interested in learning about new opportunities.

Where does that leave you?

Find out how to stay ahead of the curve on talent attraction and retention plus many other important insights that can help you remain an employer of choice in 2020 and for years to come.

Nelson Jobs' Annual Workplace Trends Report

Nelson Jobs Salary Report

Get the inside scoop on local salaries and the hot topics impacting California’s workforce in 2020. Our California-focused report includes:

Current local salary ranges
developed from recent local data (and not from a national formula) for more than 200 positions across California’s major metro markets.
Insights into workplace trends
from more than 500 of your peers in California, revealing the top trends that might affect your company’s success in 2020.
Effective strategies
other business leaders are using to attract talent in this highly competitive market, and what you can do to compete
Employees give their perspectives
in our survey of 400 working or job-seeking Californians. We reveal employees’ top considerations for accepting a new role, how commute times impact their job choices, why employer reputation really matters, and much more!