Our Services

No matter what type of workforce support service you need, Nelson’s specialized teams can help. All of Nelson’s workforce staffing solutions are results-focused, using analytics and regular reporting to ensure resources are used as efficiently as possible and maximizing the value of your investment in your team.

Temporary Staffing Services

Supplement your workforce capacity by using Nelson’s temp staffing services to easily cover seasonal or short-term demand surges, parental leave and seasonal absences, or special projects or events. You benefit from top talent while avoiding the potential expense and commitment of regular, full-time hires.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing Services

Find out whether an employee will be a great fit with Nelson’s temp-to-hire staffing services. Before you make a hiring decision, take the opportunity to evaluate the employee’s skills, performance, and cultural fit and let the employee learn whether your opportunity will be a good long-term fit for them.

Direct-Hire Placement

Sourcing both active and passive candidates, we can identify key talent to help you build your regular, full-time team. With our extensive network of candidates, we always know just the right person for your unique skillset need.

Payroll Services

Nelson can payroll positions of all levels and all types. We assume responsibility for all federal and state documentation requirements. We also satisfy payroll tax liabilities, manage workers’ compensation and unemployment claims, issue W2s, and provide employee benefits.

Independent Contractor Compliance & Global Workforce Services

Whether in the US or abroad, Nelson’s partners at iWorkGlobal can ensure your workforce is properly classified and help you engage contractors or employees abroad, clearing up confusion and avoiding fines and penalties. Learn more about iWorkGlobal’s full suite of services.

Other services:

  • MSP Talent Delivery Services
    If your company uses a Managed Services Program to manage your talent needs, Nelson can help. Our dedicated MSP services team is experienced in developing and implementing MSP models and working with existing MSPs to meet talent acquisition goals. We utilize our extensive database, geographically diverse branch network, and external talent acquisition solutions to provide you with comprehensive talent acquisition services. We’ve worked with all the major Vendor Management Systems (VMSs), allowing us to very quickly use this experience to customize a program that meets your specific needs. Learn more about our MSP talent delivery services.
  • Premier Service for Enterprise Accounts
    When your talent needs require customized enterprise solutions, the Nelson Client Delivery Program team will partner with you and your account representative to build and implement a program specific to your needs. Whether you require on-site services, unique sourcing models, or a customized onboarding program, our team is well-versed in the needs and requirements of large recruiting programs and will build customized solutions that scale as your program grows.
  • Project-Based Recruiting
    When you’re looking for a recruiting help for a particular project, whether short-term or ongoing, Nelson’s Project-Based Recruiting team can help. We serve the operational, professional, and strategic staffing needs of our partners by seamlessly blending needs, culture, and hiring environments with the right skills, service, and technology to deliver measurable results.
  • Recruiting for Recruiters (R4R)
    Understanding that talent acquisition fuels business growth and innovation, Nelson has built a team of R4R specialists who exclusively focus on identifying, qualifying, and pipelining recruiting and sourcing talent. Our company partners, which include leaders in the tech industry, rely on this proven expertise to assemble flexible, agile, and effective talent acquisition teams.
  • Workplace Safety Programs
    Keeping your workers safe in your workplace isn’t just good common sense; it’s good business sense. From resources and training for temporary employees to customized safety assessments, orientations and trainings specific to your company’s safety needs, Nelson’s workplace safety experts will help you keep your workplace safe.
  • Workforce Behavior Assessment Service
    When finding the right fit for your team, you need to know more than their skills and experience; you need to know what type of environment and responsibilities help them operate at peak performance. Nelson is a certified provider of Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP), a personality assessment used to improve recruiting and hiring processes, self-awareness, internal and external organizational communication, team building, and employee motivation. We can conduct the PDP assessment with your current employees and new hires to help your team perform at its best.

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