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No matter what type of position you’re looking for, including temporary, full-time, or part-time employment, Nelson’s specialized teams can help.

Temporary Employee Roles

Companies turn to Nelson to connect them with job seekers like you to fill a variety of temporary job roles. This allows our company partners to cover seasonal or short-term demand surges, parental leave and seasonal absences, or special projects or events. Temporary jobs allow you to try a different role, industry, or company without a long-term commitment. Temporary staffing empowers you to network with hiring managers companies so when they a ’re ready to hire regular, full-time employees or staff you are at the top of their list.t Temporary jobs can also offer you the opportunity to expand your skillset as well as gain experience at a company that could impress and influence others in your industry.

Temporary roles are also great opportunities for people who’ve been out of the workforce for some time to show their skills are up-to-date and they’re ready for their next role. Some temporary positions may even turn into temp-to-hire job opportunities; Nelson recruiters explain in-depth details of your particular assignments and job descriptions prior to placement and can help you understand whether an assignment will be a true temp job or if it could turn into a long-term opporutnity.

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Temp-to-Hire Job Roles

Temporary-to-hire jobs offer you the opportunity to try out an employment position without making a long-term commitment. They give you the chance to find out whether the role, the working environment, and the company will be a good fit for your next step, as well as if the environment is one that fosters success for you.

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Regular, Full-Time Employment Placement (Direct-Hire)

Whether you’re actively looking for your next role or just open to hearing about full-time job opportunities that may be an incredible fit, Nelson has direct-hire roles available with our partners in a variety specialties and industries. For these roles, our company partners engage our services to help them directly hire the best talent. Even if you interview or complete onboarding paperwork through Nelson’s staffing agency, you are a regular employee hired by our company partner. This helps our company partners save time while finding the best candidates–namely, you!

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Recruiting for Recruiters

If you are an expert recruiter or sourcer, Nelson’s team of staff recruiting specialists work with top companies in the tech industry and beyond (including the world’s #1 search engine) to offer you unparalleled job opportunities to grow your recruiting career. Focused exclusively on matching exceptional recruiters and sourcers with opportunities at top companies, we will work with you to understand your career goals and identify the best opportunities for you. With Nelson behind you, you’ll sail past the screening gauntlet and put your resume in front of decision makers.Submit your LinkedIn profile here to be considered for recruiting and sourcing opportunities.

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Opportunities Working for Nelson

More than the traditional temp staffing agency,. Nelson is a growing, family-owned company that provides tremendous opportunities for our employees. If you’re interested in corporate, account management, sales, or corporate services opportunities with Nelson, please visit our careers section.

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