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1810 Gateway Drive, Suite 240
San Mateo, CA 94404
Tel: (650) 595-8020


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Our San Mateo office is conveniently located near Foster City just off the 92 on Gateway Dr.

Industry specific staffing specialities

Nelson is a full-service staffing firm with specialized teams dedicated to matching top local companies with exceptional talent in technology; engineering; finance & accounting; legal; admin; human resources; wine & beverage; hospitality; manufacturing & production; sales & marketing; and more. Our San Mateo office is conveniently located near Foster City just off the 92 on Gateway Dr.

Serving the staffing and recruiting needs of Bay Area companies for nearly five decades and headquartered in nearby Sonoma County, Nelson is dedicated to our partners and to the communities where we live, work, and play. We get business. We get careers. We get work. Visit our website to see what jobs we have available and sign up for job alerts.

See what our candidates and clients are saying

“Nelson has been providing great customer service for our payroll and temp service needs to our managed properties as well as our Corporate office. I would definitely recommend their services to any company for their payroll or temp service needs.”

“Can I take this time to sing my praises to Jennifer Gabriana and Todd Witkin? They have done a phenomenal job with placing me at an amazing company and took the time to personalize the entire experience, from emailing just to say hello to stopping by in person with good news. I refer all my networks to them and highly recommend their professional acumen and speed where it matters most – the job search! Since it takes a village, the rest of the staff has been great too – Suzy, Sarah, Erin, and Jenifer M. who demonstrate their value in timely response and candidate experience. A+!”

Steph Luk

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