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5 Ways to Thank Admin Professionals

Posted On04/25/2017

ContributorTracy Fischer

Do you know the number one reason most Americans leave their jobs? You may have guessed it – employees leave because they don’t feel appreciated. With more than 22 million administrative and office support professionals in the U.S., retention through recognition is what makes Administrative Professionals Day so critical!

We simply can’t afford not to retain these loyal, highly skilled, and dedicated individuals who help make teams and organizations run so smoothly. As a matter of fact, companies with strategic recognition programs reported a mean employee turnover rate 23% lower than companies without any recognition programs.And that’s why Administrative Professionals Week is one of the largest workplace observances outside of employee birthdays and major holidays.

Administrative Professionals Day (Wednesday, April 26th, 2017) is almost upon us!  To ensure you’re not caught unprepared to recognize your valued team members this year, take advantage of Nelson’s 5 easy ways to recognize your administrative & office support professionals – and extend Admin Professionals Day to Admin Professionals Week by thanking your support teams all week long!

  1. Express yourself in writing. In this era of emails and texts, handwriting a thank-you card almost feels like a lost art. But that’s what makes it special! To make the most impact, identify a few specific contributions that the individual being thanked has made, or point out one or more significant accomplishments. Increase the surprise factor by leaving the card in an unexpected location, such as in front of the employee’s lunch in the fridge or in one of their desk drawers.
  2. Enjoy a celebratory meal. Do your admin and office support professionals scream for sushi? Cheer for Chinese? Pine for pizza? Take them out for a meal! Putting in the time to go offsite, whether time allows to take all your support staff at once or in smaller groups, lunch out will be noticed and appreciated by your team. But, if you just can’t get away, an on-site catered meal is always a crowd pleaser!
  3. Give time off. A low-cost way to recognize team members is to surprise them with a bonus vacation day or afternoon off. To make sure employees are able to honor commitments and complete their work, provide a floating opportunity rather than early dismissal on a specified day.
  4. Recruit others to show recognition. Get the whole crew in on your efforts to recognize your admin professionals and support staff! A card signed by everyone is a wonderful first step, but encouraging even a few people to say thank-you in person goes a long way towards making a team member feel valued. Want to go the extra mile? Assign each team member a day (and small budget) to recognize your support staff, and encourage creativity.
  5. Customize a certificate of appreciation. Download Nelson’s free customizable Certificate of Appreciation PDF, fill in the template with the name of the person you’re honoring, their title, and the name of your business, print, and present to your honoree. Pair this with one of the other ideas listed, and you’ve got a unique way to show your appreciation!

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