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5 Strategies to Recruit and Engage Millennials

Posted On10/07/2019

ContributorKaila Prins

By Catherine Tansey

Millennials are changing the world of work. They’re bringing technological fluency and a preference for collaboration to the workplace, as well as high expectations for the employer-employee relationship. If your organization is struggling with hiring millennials or plagued by perpetual millennial job-hopping, it’s time to reconsider your recruitment and engagement strategies. 

Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Employer brand is not just what you say, but also how you say it—and it’s key to attracting top talent. Employer brand is the look, feel, and experience candidates have with a company and Millennials want a seamless—and consistent—fit with their employer. Part of the reason for Millennial job-hopping is the reality of working for a company doesn’t align with the expectation. Minimize these issues by taking a holistic approach to building a strong and consistent employer brand: ensure your social media presence aligns with the company’s mission and values, highlight your company culture and employee benefits, and tailor the recruitment process to reflect the individual.  

Provide Growth and Development Opportunities

Salary and benefits are part of an enticing employment offer, but they aren’t all that matters. Millennials are hungry for professional opportunities and career development, and they favor employers who provide a clear path forward with consistent support from the organization. Foster a culture that reinforces an active open dialogue between managers and millennial employees, where both parties regularly discuss career aspirations and potential opportunities. Ongoing conversations allow managers to more clearly understand what kind of development is most attractive to their employees, be it immersive hard skills training or lessons on business leadership. Hiring millennials gets a lot easier when development is a core piece of the offering. 

Reconsider Benefits

401K match and comprehensive health packages are attractive benefits, but they’re not the only ones millennial job hunters are most interested in. These future-centric benefits Baby Boomers were focused on aren’t powerful distinguishers for Millennials; rather, they should be standard and expected components of any reasonable employment offer. Hiring Millennials requires offering and highlighting benefits that affect them here and now, like wellness packages, student loan repayment, and child care reimbursement. 

Be Social

Talent acquisition etiquette has changed. Look no further for proof than the rise in text messaging as a communication tool for HR departments or the use of AI-powered chatbots to guide candidates through the application process. Top talent teams are also using social media channels to bolster company brand, interact with prospective clients, and build a robust talent pipeline—and not just LinkedIn. Twitter can be a goldmine for sourcing creatives like freelance writers, while Instagram is a prime platform for showcasing company brand and culture. 

Make Work Meaningful—Onsite and Off

When you’re trying to understand millennials in the workforce, a few things become clear. They want development and crave flexibility, sure, but above all else, they want to find meaning in their work. While the definition of meaning varies from individual to individual, Millennials generally agree that meaningful work impacts others and has a positive effect on the community. Hiring more Millennials means a commitment to making work meaningful—onsite and off. In the office, encourage a professional environment where the value of everyone’s work is recognized. Externally, organize events where employees can volunteer their time, services, or resources to give back to their community in meaningful ways. 

Nelson does this through our corporate philanthropy program: beCAUSE. Through the beCAUSE program, employees are given eight hours of volunteer time per quarter, in addition to donation matching, company-sponsored volunteer events, and corporate grants to nonprofits. 

To recruit and retain Millennials, recognize what motivates candidates and employees and meet these expectations as though they were internal clients. Stay in the know on all things Millennial- and workplace-related by visiting Nelson’s events page for helpful webinars and more information.