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14 Totally Avoidable Mistakes Unemployed People Make During the Job Search

Posted On02/14/2017

ContributorShirin Miller

Looking for a job can be a challenging process, regardless of whether you’re currently employed or are out of work. Of course, the advantage of being in the latter group is a little thing called time. Instead of trying to figure out how to sift through postings without your boss finding out or devoting nights and weekends to tailoring cover letters and resumes, you have the luxury of throwing yourself 100% into your search.

The downside to this is letting feelings of insecurity and anxiety over being unemployed take over. You might feel frustrated that you haven’t found a job yet. Heck, you might be genuinely worried about how you’re going to pay your bills next month, or you might be feeling like no one will ever want to hire you because if no one has by now, it’s never going to happen.

In spite of any negative feelings you may be harboring over your job status, you need to set them aside if you want to present yourself as a viable candidate. 14 career coaches weigh in on the job search mistakes unemployed people make.

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