MSP & High-Volume Account Services

Selecting MSP Vendors or
High-Volume Talent Acquisition Program Partners

As the contingent labor market expands and companies seek more efficient ways to efficiently procure and manage talent, more companies are implementing Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs. An MSP program is designed to provide your company with a holistic view of your talent supply, demand, and costs. It can also allow you to capitalize on the best talent providers while maintaining workforce scalability, streamlining communication and vendor selection, and making the most of resources.

However, your MSP will only be as successful as the firms you select as talent acquisition partners. From highly-specialized professionals to high-volume positions, Nelson provides top-quality talent to MSPs and other high-volume retail accounts.

We’ve developed programs to meet the talent needs of companies using a variety of MSP program types, including vendor-neutral, vendor-on-premise/sole-provider, and hybrid models. We’ve also served retail accounts with a broad scope of both general and specialized talent needs; using this experience, we’ll customize a solution to meet your program’s exact talent acquisition goals.

Benefits of Working with Nelson

When you select Nelson to participate in your MSP staffing program as a talent vendor, you benefit from:

1. The experience of a trusted partner.

From world-leading brands in tech and bio-tech to the top companies in California, Nelson has spent years providing exceptional talent through MSP talent sourcing models. We already “know the ropes” and thoroughly understand the unique circumstances and requirements of providing talent through an MSP program. We’ve also worked with all the major vendor management systems (VMSs).

2. Proven top-quality candidates.

Nelson has databases of thoroughly vetted candidates, many of whom have worked with us in the past. These candidates are ready for their next opportunity with you, allowing you to benefit from redeployment of known talent quality in your needed area of expertise.

3. Exceptional speed of talent sourcing and delivery.

Nelson’s experience and quality candidate databases mean our networks are expansive, allowing us to leverage these resources for you to quickly identify and deliver the best talent.

4. Broad capabilities with niche quality.

Nelson has subject-matter-expert recruiters in niche verticals, from tech to admin, with the expertise to ask the right questions to ensure quality talent. Not only can we serve your immediate talent acquisition needs, we can expand our search quickly for any new talent needs you identify, even if your needs pivot beyond our original project scope.

5. A dedicated MSP talent sourcing team.

Nelson employs a centralized sourcing model with a dedicated team focusing only on talent delivery for high-volume accounts and MSP programs. This team reports directly to our management team, who stays engaged with you at every step of the process – streamlining communication and reducing time to fill.

6. Our unwavering focus on compliance.

With internal self-audit programs and processes designed to confirm our stringent adherence to your requirements, our teams understand the importance of program compliance – from making sure 1099 contractors are classified appropriately and I9s are completed to conducting background checks specific to your needs or ensuring non-disclosure agreements are completed when required. We also keep a close eye on metrics and KPIs to ensure we’re meeting your needs and working towards shared goals and definitions of success.

7. A flexible, proactive partnership approach.

With all our partnerships, we strive to develop and maintain open communication and collaboration because believe strong relationships are essential to mutual success. While we have the experience to implement an out-of-the-box talent solution to your MSP program, we also maintain the flexibility to incorporate your feedback and customize or refine our solutions. We also continuously challenge ourselves to take a fresh look at our talent acquisition processes, leveraging analytics and staying abreast of industry trends to proactively suggest refinements that benefit your talent acquisition program.

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To manage complex relationships, minimize the risk of non-compliance, control costs, and foster the ability to adjust staffing programs quickly, trust Nelson as the next talent provider for your MSP program. Contact us to learn more about our MSP and high-volume recruitment services.